Learning Agreement

1. When should I submit my Learning Agreement?

2. Is submitting my Learning Agreement enough for you in order to be enrolled in the courses at SU?

3. May I submit my Learning Agreement to you after I finalize my course list at the end of the add-drop period?

4. What is "Add-Drop" page of the Learning Agreement? Am I obliged to fill in this?

5. Who needs to sign the LA?

6. Can I make any changes on the add-drop page if I want to change my course list, after the add drop period?



1. You don’t need to submit your LA to Sabancı, you can prepare it whenever your institution needs.

2. No. You must necessarily complete your course registration through our online course registration system between the announced dates.

3. Yes, you can.

4. Add-Drop page is the form on which you separately indicate all the 'added' or 'dropped' courses into/from your SU course list and Learning Agreement. If you make any changes on your course list, in addition to the online add-drop system, you should prepare that document.

5. You can bring the LA document in our office, we will sign them.


6. NO! Please note that when the online add-drop system closes on the announced date and time you CAN NOT do any changes on your course list from then on. The Add-Drop Form stands for an internationally-recognized official document which displays your course changes during your Exchange period.