Your Questions

1- Can I come to Sabancı University as an exchange/degree student without obtaining a student-visa?

2- What if I come with a tourist visa in order to study?

3- I am a Turkish citizen. Should I apply for a student visa?

4- My visa is shorter than my stay. What should I do ? 


Our Answers

1- Yes you can, but it changes according to the aggrements between our countries. Please check the visa requirements from the following websites: 

2- With the new regulation, you may not need a student visa, or a visa at all. You can check your visa requirements from the following websites :

3- No you don't need. 

 4- The main document of your stay in Turkey is Residence Permit, which you’ll get after you arrive in Turkey. Visa is needed to get a residence permit. So, it is normal to have a visa shorter than your stay.