Cost and Grants

Financial aid
While you are not required to pay tuition fees at your host institution as an exchange student, you will be responsible for all other expenses. To cover a part of these, depending on the kind of exchange program, you might receive an Erasmus+ grant (for EU-countries) or an IRO travel support(for outside EU-countries). Please note that if you do not meet the conditions under which these scholarships are granted, you will have to return the money.

The Erasmus+ program is an EU-funded education program, designed to encourage students to expand their university education by spending a period of study in another EU member state. The Erasmus+ program applies to all member countries of the EU excluding Switzerland. To achieve this, funds are provided ONLY for formally organized student exchange programs involving specific universities with which SU has signed a Bilateral Agreement.

Students participating in Erasmus exchange programs may receive an Erasmus+ grant according to their Erasmus points.

Grant distribution starts from the main call and in case on any cancellation from the participant, next student on the list will be granted.

As of 2019-2020, after the completion of the exchange semester, it is not possible to receive grant even though you are in the waiting list.

Students also are able to participate in Erasmus+ Study program without receiving a grant. Please also note that, these students should complete the same process and also submit the required documents if needed.

To see monthly Erasmus grant for each country please click here.

Further Information:

IRO travel support

SU also has exchange agreements with universities in countries outside the European Union (e.g. various universities in USA, Hong Kong , Singapore ..). Students who are going to one of these host institutions may receive IRO travel support. In order to extend the geography of student exchange IRO supports students who are going to Global Exchange partners by paying their flight tickets up to a certain amount.  Every year we support the top ranked students with a travel support. Students placed to priority countries will be on priority. The details are announced in the related call for application. 

Please note that you do not have to apply for these grants separately from your application procedure.

Costs of travel and living

Obviously, the costs of your semester abroad will depend on the country you go to and length of your stay. Available grants will only cover a (small) part of your expenses so you should expect to spend additional personal savings and/or to receive parental support.

Scholarship status at SU:

Scholarships of undergraduate students continue while abroad. Graduate students stipends do not continue as they are required to work as assistants at SU