Erasmus Grant

While you are not required to pay tuition fees at your host institution as an exchange student, you will be responsible for all other expenses. To cover a part of these, you might receive an Erasmus+ grant (for EU-countries).


--The Erasmus+ program is an EU-funded education program, designed to encourage students to expand their university education by spending a period of study in another EU member state.

--The program applies to all member countries of the EU excluding Switzerland. To achieve this, funds are provided ONLY for formally organized student exchange programs involving specific universities with which SU has signed a Bilateral Agreement.

--Students participating in Erasmus exchange programs may receive an Erasmus+ grant according to their Erasmus points.

--Being placed or nominated at a university under the Erasmus program does not guarantee that you will receive a grant. The number of grantees is determined by the National Agency in accordance with the grant budget allocated to our university.

--Grant distribution starts from the main call and in case of any cancellation from the participant, next student on the list will be granted.

--Grants are paid to students in two instalments. 70% of the grant is paid before mobility and the remaining 30% is paid after return. Final grant amount is determined according to the dates stated in Certificate of Attendance and remaining payment is made accordingly.

--Grant payments cannot be made to any bank other than AKBANK.

--Students also are able to participate in Erasmus+ Study program without receiving a grant. Please also note that, these students should complete the same process and also submit the required documents if needed.

--Only the study periods spent at the country of the partner university will be granted. Virtual mobility periods in Turkey will not be granted. 


Country Groups

Host Countries

Monthly Study  Grant (€)

1st and 2nd Group Program Countries

Germany, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Cyprus, Netherlands, Ireland, Spain, Sweden, Italy, Iceland, Lichtenstein, Luxembourg, Malta, Norway, Portugal, Greece


3rd Group Program Countries

Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Estonia, Croatia, Macedonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia



Additional grants are available for students with disabilities and health conditions wishing to participate in an Erasmus+ placement and where participation would not be possible without extra financial support. For your questions; please e-mail to


This part is only valid for students who hold Turkish citizenship. Additional Grant Support may be provided (an extra grant of 250 € per month) to disadvantaged participants in addition to the grant they are entitled to. In order for the grant to be given, official proving documents should be submitted to IRO during the application period. This grant is not guaranteed , it depends on availability of our Erasmus budget.

 Definition of disadvantaged participant; 

  1. Students who are covered by the 2828 numbered Social Services Law (Aile ve Sosyal Hizmetler Bakanlığı tarafından haklarında 2828 sayılı Kanun uyarınca koruma, bakım veya barınma kararı olanlar)
  2. Within the scope of Child Protection Law No. 5395 (5395 sayılı Çocuk Koruma Kanunu Kapsamında haklarında korunma, bakım veya barınma kararı alınmış öğrencilere)
  3. Students who receive orphan’s pension (if the other parent does not have any income)
  4. Children of martyr and veterans
  5. Student or the student’s parents receive financial aid (muhtaçlık aylığı)
  6. Disabled participants (A report or statement confirming the disability min.%50)
  7. Only for TR citizens-Ebeveynlerinden biri veya vasisi, 65 Yaşını Doldurmuş Muhtaç, Güçsüz Ve Kimsesiz Türk Vatandaşları ile Engelli ve Muhtaç Türk Vatandaşlarına Aylık Bağlanması Hakkında 01.07.1976 tarih ve 2022 sayılı Kanun kapsamında engelli veya muhtaç aylığı alan öğrenciler.
  8. Only for TR citizens- Kendileri veya 1. derece yakınları AFAD’dan afetzede yardımı alanlar (1. derece yakınlar: anne, baba, çocuklar ve eş,)


Students may receive Green Travel Grant, in case they prefer green travel, up to 4 days for individual travel days with an additional one-time grant of EUR 50. This grant encourages students to travel to their exchange destination by bus or train as an alternative to flying. The grant for the Green Travel  will be paid out together with your final Erasmus scholarship payment at the end of your exchange trip. You should submit the related documents (bus ticket, train ticket etc, receipts.) including travel route and date.


  • Within the framework of the new program rules announced by the Turkish National Agency, unlike the previous years; in case of academic failure, grant deduction will be mandatory. To avoid such a deduction you must have a passing grade for courses totaling 12 or more ECTS credits. Otherwise, you will receive a 5% grant deduction in the final total amount calculated according to the Certificate of Participation. This is also the minimum deduction the Turkish National Agency requires.
  • Except for technical reasons, you should fill out an online participant survey after the mobility otherwise 20%  will be deducted from the total final grant.
  • If you return home before the end of the mobility period or before the min. required duration, grant deduction shall be made.
  • If documents proving participation for the mobility (Certificate of Participation or transcript (ToR)) is not submitted, the mobility will be void and no grant is paid; first grant payment is expected to be refunded.


Obviously, the costs of your semester abroad will depend on the country you go to and length of your stay. Available grants will only cover a (small) part of your expenses so you should expect to spend additional personal savings and/or to receive parental support.


Scholarships of undergraduate students continue while abroad. Graduate students stipends do not continue as they are required to work as assistants at SU.

The information about grants may be subject to change according to National Agency rules&implementations and new regulations&decisions taken by the Sabancı Exchange Committe.