o  Following Documents

 1. Confirmation Of Participation

Within the week of announcement of the selection results, all selected students should prepare and sign the Confirmation of Participation Document. This is to ensure that the student accepts the conditions declared in the announcement, mainly the host institution that he/she placed and whether she/he entitled to an Erasmus Grant. Those who do not provide this document on time will loose their rights to participate in the exchange program.

2. ECTS Learning Agreement

 In order to reach further information on LA please click here.

3. Student Mobility Agreement (Grant Agreement)

As a requirement of the Erasmus Program, all students who will attend this program should sign a Student Mobility Agreement, which indicates the rights and responsibilities of each party within the scope of the Erasmus Exchange Program.


o Travel Planning


• Health Insurance
All outgoing exchange students should have a health insurance to cover the related expenses while on abroad. The private health insurance system that all SU students have does not cover their expenses abroad. Therefore, student should have a separate health insurance, for example, in the form of travel insurance before leaving the country or to obey the related regulations of the host institution. Related expenses should be undertaken by the student.
Please note that Erasmus+ students must share a copy of your health insurance with IRO.

• Visa Application
 Once students complete partner university’s application procedure partner university send acceptance letters in order students to apply for visa. Students need to check required document list from the website of related consulate/embassy. It is higly recommended to apply for the visa in advance! (Depending on the country visa process takes from 1 to 4 months)

• Accommodation
Many exchange universities provide dormitory accommodation on campus, however, where there is a high demand for this accommodation; you can expect to live in share housing with other students. Further details on accommodation options of Exchange partners can be found on the related partners’ website.

• Travel Arrangement
It is higly recommended to start travel planning in advance and buy flight tickets once you receive acceptance letter and your visa approval.