Freedom to Declare Major


The main feature that makes Sabancı University different is its distinctive education system. Our university is "Turkey's first university that offers the freedom to declare a major". There is no academic department in our university, on the grounds that the usual "department" system prevents interdisciplinary interaction and causes early and limited specialization in education.

How to Declare a Major?

Sabancı University has three faculties: the Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences, the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, and the Business School. Students who intend to study at our university can choose from these faculties, not "departments", when making their choice.

The Foundations Development Program

During the FOUNDATIONS DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM, which constitutes the infrastructure of our education system, our students have the opportunity to learn about all undergraduate programs in detail by taking courses from different disciplines. The Foundations Development Program, which is one of the distinguishing elements of our education system, consists of two educational steps:

1. Foundation Development Year (FDY) (English Preparatory Year), which aims to improve our students'; English level and communication skills,
2. University Courses that allow our students to learn about all undergraduate programs by taking courses from different disciplines, and to develop new perspectives. University courses consist of 4 groups.

a) First Class University Courses
b) Major Works Courses (HUM 2xx)
c) PROJ 201 (Project Course)
d) SPS 303 (Law and Ethics)