Dear Student,

We would like to make you familiar with our admission process that is very simple; let us go over the process step by step:


  1. Please visit our required exam list page first and make sure you fulfill at least one of our academic requirement from the list:

    Required Exam/Diploma List (check both international and your country section)


  1. Prepare all your documents: scan and save them in your computer, ready to upload to our online system : (You need to pay 30 USD as an application fee during  filling the form)

    Required Documents for Application:

    • - The copy of the exam/diploma result(s) accepted by the University (check the link above for the exam list)
    • - If available, the copy of High School Diploma (if in another language rather than Turkish or English, notarized translation should also be submitted)
    • - Official transcript, showing all courses and grades taken during the entire high school education, signed and stamped by the high school authority.
    • - If taken before, copy of international language proficiency exam scores accepted by Sabancı University English Prep School: Accepted International Exam Scores (optional, you can also take the Sabancı University English Language Assessment Exam (ELAE) during registration week.)
    • - Letter of motivation (optional, to strengthen your application)
    • - Any extracurricular certificate, such as Olympiad certificates (optional, to strengthen your application)
    • Fill the online application form and upload all your  documents listed above and submit.
    • If you face any size problem during uploading all of your forms, please e-mail the missing ones to us: and



      Please bear in mind that we need only the soft copy version of your original documents for the application. You will be required to bring the original versions with you later, when you come for the registration after getting admitted.


      Please pay attention to fill each section of our online form carefully and correctly, especially your phone number and e-mail addresses (both primary and alternative). These are very important for proper communication throughout the process. You will receive all the information via e-mail, so please make sure to fill your email address correctly.

      Please state your scholarship expectation properly in the application form. While every applicant will be evaluated for a scholarship regardless, knowing your needs is still important to us.        

      Check available scholarship percentages



      1. Your application will be evaluated by the relevant parties and if you fulfill all the requirements, you will receive a confirmation e-mail stating that you application is sent to the faculty and scholarship committees for further evaluation.
      2. If you are missing any document, you will be asked to provide them later. If you fail to provide the required documents, your application will not be evaluated.
      3. Once the relevant parties make the final decisions, you will receive your offer details via e-mail.
      4. The offer e-mail will include;
        • I. The offer letter with the scholarship percentage (if received any)
        • II. Admission Reply Form  to be filled and signed by you to send back to us with the pre-payment slip.
        • III. A deadline and bank details for the pre-payment amount to be sent ( 2000 USD)
      5. Please send your prepayment to the mentioned bank account, and fill the admission reply form.

      Please be aware that the pre-payment is non-refundable.

      Please do not miss the deadline, especially if you are offered a scholarship. If you miss the deadline for your offer, your scholarship may be passed on to another student at the next evaluation round.

      Our scholarship offers are very competitive, so please provide all the supporting documents and exam results to support your cause.




      1. Please send us your admission reply form (filled and signed) and payment proof via e-mail.
      2. You will be sent a confirmation e-mail as soon as the payment amount lands to the university account. This payment will secure your seat for the registration.
      3. You will than get your official acceptance letter via e-mail and by post. You can use the final letter for your visa application if needed. 
      4. You will be provided further orientation and registration information as soon as possible (most commonly by the end of August)

       One of our recruitment specialist will always be in touch with you, so please follow each e-mail you receive and keep in touch with us throughout the process.


      For further questions: