Students with Special Needs

The Office of Student Disability Services coordinates support services for students with disabilities to ensure that they have equal access to university programs and activities.
Students requesting accommodations have to schedule an appointment with the Disability Support Specialist (DSS) and provide disability documentation  to determine the appropriate accommodations. The documentation should include the date of the most recent evaluation; the diagnosis and the date of diagnosis; the current impact of the condition (including the educational limitations); treatments, medications, devices or services currently prescribed; the expected duration, stability or progression of the condition; a list of the accommodations arranged for the student at his/her home university.
Based on the disability documentation provided, DSS and the student will discuss and determine the appropriate accommodations depending on the needs of the student. The DSS works collaboratively with the student and university faculty and staff for appropriate accommodations. At the beginning of each semester, the needs analysis is reviewed considering the courses the student has registered and their requirements. The student is expected to meet with the course instructors and receive information on the course requirements.

Services for Students with Disabilities:
•    Academic Accommodations:
Accommodations and services are individually determined based on each student's disability-related needs and the requirements of the course.
o    Assigning peer assistants as note-takers, scribes or readers
o    Alternative formats for reading materials
o    Alternative evaluation methods
o    Extended time for exams and quizzes
o    A quiet location for exams and quizzes

•    Auxiliary Services:
o    a laptop computer service package for each student
o    "Zoom Text" screen magnification software
o    "CCTV Traveller"
o    "Mimio" an interactive teaching tool that helps partially sighted students to follow the whiteboard in class. For classes held in auditoriıms, students can use the "Netmeeting" programs to access the information written on the electronic whiteboard
o    Voice recorder
o    GVZ_screen reader program
Building and Campus Accessibility:
•    Students using wheel-chairs can move independently throughout the campus. All faculty buildings and classes are accessible.
•    There are accessible elevators and toilets in each building.
•    Special parking areas are reserved for people with disabilities.
•    There are special rooms at the dormitories designed for students using wheelchairs.
Each year, the university takes steps to make its campus physically more accessible.
For more information on disability services, the e-mail address and the telephone numbers of the Disability Support Specialist are as follows:
Telephone: +90 216 4839448 +90 216 4839448