Exchange Programstesd

Erasmus+ is a EU funded program, which contains a wide range of measures designed to support the European activities of higher education institutions, including mobility and exchange of their students and teaching staff. Erasmus+ student (education and internship) and staff mobilities are conducted in accordance with the rules of Turkish National Agency.

The title "Erasmus+" covers study and internship mobilities as well.

Erasmus+ study mobility process is being carried out by International Relations Office.

For incoming students:

For outgoing students:

Erasmus+ internship mobility process is being carried out by Internship Office.

For internship:

The only difference between Erasmus+ and Global Exchange is Erasmus + students may receive mobility grants provided by the EU to partially meet living expenses of exchange period. In Global Exchange program, students –generally- must cover all their expenses except tuition fee. The whole procedure (application, selection etc) is the same for both agreement types.