After the application is accepted by Sabancı University, the incoming exchange student may wish to prepare ECTS Learning Agreement in coordination with the related Department at his/her Home University. Learning Agreement is an integral part of the ECTS System. If the student is required to prepare a Learning Agreement she/he is advised to view the Course Catalog of each Faculty of Sabancı University.

ECTS Learning Agreement, which describes the programme of study abroad, must be agreed and signed by the individual student and home institution and SU being as host institution before the student leaves the home country. Learning agreement ensures that:

    * The student agrees to undertake the program of study at SU,
    * The home institution provides the student full academic recognition for the education received abroad in respect of the course units listed on the agreement,
    * The host institution confirms that the program of study is acceptable and does not conflict with the host institution’s rules.

Students may have to modify the agreed program of study upon arrival at SU for a variety of reasons: timetable clashes, unsuitability of chosen courses (in level or content), etc. The learning agreement form therefore provides for changes to the originally agreed study program/learning agreement.

If you need to get a signature from Sabancı University Responsible for your Learning Agreement, you can send it via email to