The exchange programs candidates must fulfill the following requirements for application: 

1) Either to be registered in a diploma program at Sabancı University or fulfill the minimum credit requirement to make major declaration before the start of his/her exchange period.

Students can apply without declaring their major diploma program. However, they have to inform us about the diploma program they intend to declare during the application by stating it through online system.  The program you will declare in our system should be the same as the program you will declare during Major Declaration period to the university. At the end of the major declaration days stated in the academic calendar, we will also check it with your Faculty and Student Resources Unit.

If you are an undergraduate student, willing to obtain minimum credit requirement for declaration before the start of your exchange period, you are more than welcome to apply for the programs.

2) Minimum overall GPA requirement for undergraduate students is: 2.2 (by the time of application) & minimum overall GPA requirement for postgraduate students is 2.5 (by the time of application).

3) Undergraduate (UG) students who does not have ENG101 score cannot apply for exchange programs. UG students who does not have ENG102 score at the time of the application will be assessed as if they attained grade "C" for ENG102.

Important Note: As of 201701 (Fall 2017), English language score will be calculated by (SPS 101x 0,4) + (AL 102 x 0,6) according to the table English Proficiency Coefficients as of 201701.

NEW !!! You may read the document for the new rules about English Proficiency Coefficients for Outgoing Students' selection and placement as of 2020-2021.

4) Language proficiency on the language of instruction of the host insitution. 

5) No balance or responsibilities due to Sabancı University.

6) Students who are enrolled for Professional Graduate Programs cannot apply for exchange programs.

7) MBA Students cannot apply for main and late calls. There's a separate application process for MBA students only. MBA students receive this information from their faculty directly.

8) (For Erasmus applications only) If you have benefited from Erasmus (student mobility or placement) before, you should make sure that the total length of mobility at each level (undergraduate or graduate) - no matter the type of mobility – should not exceed 12 months.

9) Students who has disciplinary suspension during the term they are supposed to be an exchange student, wouldn't be allowed to go, as stated in Higher Education Council regulations, they would lose their rights as a student. Therefore, students with disciplinary suspension for the term they accepted as an exchange student, would lose their rights to go with Exchange programs.

Please note that students have the responsibility to:
-Check the "entry requirements" of the host institution you're planning to apply for via their institutional websites. After placements there will be an application procedure and you must get an acceptance letter from the host institution you've been placed. In order to be able to get acceptance, you must fulfill "entry requirements".
-Check which subjects are available for you. Please make sure to check the instruction language of the courses you wish to choose as well as the pre-requisities.
-Check the academic calendar to avoid time clashes.


Max. TOTAL POINTS 100 = cum GPA (50%) + English Language Score (50%) + Special Condition

Special condition:
- Students who have benefited from Exchange (Erasmus+ study or Erasmus+ Placement or placed to Erasmus+ or Erasmus+ placement at the time of his/her exchange application) before will receive - 10 points for each mobility.
- Students with disability (+10 points)
- Child of martyr or veteran (must be documented) (+15 points)
- Applying for the Country of citizenship (-10 points)
- Cancellation of mobility after the given deadline for cancellation for all next applications during their study (- 10 points)
- Students who are proteceted under Law No. 2828 (2828 sayılı Sosyal Hizmetler Kanunu kapsamında korunma, bakım veya barınma kararı) (+10 points)

There will be late calls for the remaining slots from the main call. Total points will be calculated as it is in the main call described above. The placement rules will be the same as in the main call.


 For undergraduate students only:  English language score will be calculated by (ENG 101 x 0,4) + (ENG 102 x 0,6) and will be considered as the other %50 of your total point, which will be used for the placement. English Proficiency Coefficients.

Important Note: As of 201701 (Fall 2017), English language score will be calculated by (SPS 101x 0,4) + (AL 102 x 0,6) according to the table English Proficiency Coefficients as of 201701.

NEW !!! SPS 101, SPS 102, and AL 102 grades are used to determine the English proficiency score.First, all the grades are converted to 100-scale according to the table below and the average of the highest two scores are calculated to reach at EPC. A student must have a passing grade from SPS 101 to be eligible to apply. Students who do not have SPS 102 and/or AL 102 score(s) at the time of the application, will be assessed as if they attained grade “C” from these courses.
You may read the document in the below link about the new rules for English Proficiency Coefficients (EPC) in selection & placements of Outgoing Students' for exchange program and also for sample calculations.
Please click for EPC rules for selection&placement criteria and for sample calculations.

Important note for undergraduate students only:  Students who do not have ENG101/SPS 101 score cannot apply for exchange programs. Students, who does not have ENG 102 and SPS 102/AL 102 score at the time of the application, will be assessed as if they attained grade "C" in ENG 102.

For post graduate students only:  Your submitted test scores to SU will be considered as the other %50 of your total point, which will be used for the placement. English Proficiency Coefficients for PG

PLACEMENTS are made by Exchange Programs Committee. Placement rules are as follows:

1- Students are ranked according to the total score obtained and placed according to their preference order and the quota and conditions of the universities.
2-Agreements have priorities within their faculties (Please check faculty priority section in the online system)
3- For agreements having flexible undergraduate, graduate quotas; graduate students will be on priority. Students having the same total points are ranked by cum. GPAs.
4-Double majors programs: The main program at SU will be taken into account during placements unless students inform IRO regarding placements request considering the second program.
5- Students with the same total score are ranked according to their GPA and order of preference.
6- Following rules will be made for students with the same score and the same preferences with same preference number.6.1. If the Exchange application score and preferences are same, last term grade point average is considered.
6.2. If last term grade points are same, previous last term grade point average is considered.
6.3. If previous last term grade term point average is same, again previous last term grade point average is considered.
6.4.If there is still an equivalency, a lottery is drawn among students with equal scores, witnessed by the Exchange Committee. The lot will be done in front of the students depending to higher to lowest points.

Exchange students are not required to pay tuition fees at the host institution.

IRO travel support

- SU has exchange agreements with universities in countries outside the European Union. Students who are going to one of these host institutions may receive IRO travel support.
-  In order to extend the geography of student exchange IRO supports students who are going to Global Exchange partners by supporting them with IRO Travel grant in accordance with the allocated budget. The budget is announced during the academic year*. 
- Students placed to priority countries will be on priority. The details are announced in the related call for application.
- Grant is allocated according to total scores of the students. (from highest to lowest)
- Please note that you do not have to apply for these grants separately from your application procedure.

Costs of travel and living

Obviously, the costs of your semester abroad will depend on the country you go to and length of your stay. Available grants will only cover a (small) part of your expenses so you should expect to spend additional personal savings and/or to receive parental support.

* SU expressly reserves the right to change the amount  


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