Academic Accomplishments

Sabancı University, a distinguished institution in higher education, has conferred a total of 17,568 diplomas since the year 2000.

  - 11,316 diplomas are from undergraduate programs.
  - 6,252 diplomas are from graduate programs.

Career Initiatives

  - 83% of Sabancı University's graduates have successfully launched their professional careers.
  - 7% have chosen to pursue advanced studies at the postgraduate level.
  - 5% have opted for academic careers, contributing to the scholarly community.
  - Another 5% have embraced entrepreneurship by starting their own businesses.

Placement Success

  - Sabancı University boasts an impressive placement rate of 94% within the first year of graduates entering the job market.


Our commitment to academic excellence and the success of our graduates reflects the quality of education and the invaluable skills acquired during their time at Sabancı University. We take great pride in our graduates' achievements and remain dedicated to nurturing future leaders who will make a positive impact in their chosen fields.

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