On Campus Accomodation For Exchange Students

Off Campus Accomodation
Online Application form for Dorm Applications: should enter the site wiht your username and password)

On Campus Accomodation For Exchange Students:
In the application form, students must indicate their accommodation preferences, especially if they want to stay on campus. In this respect the International Office will do its best to accommodate all students. However capacity is limited. Priority will be given to students who apply on time (before the application deadline). Dorm rooms, which accommodate 2 students, are equipped with showers, closets, and personal telephones. Automatic washing machines, driers and irons are for free in the laundry rooms in the dorm buildings. A private cleaning staff ensures that the housings and all shared common spaces maintain a high level of hygiene. Due to University regulations, female and male students cannot stay in the same room.

Campus Dormitory Fees
Dormitory Fees (September  2015 - June 2016) / Per person (VAT included)

2.nd Semester

Per Year


4 people

2.900 TL

2.900 TL

5.800 TL

2 people

4.250 TL

4.250 TL

8.500 TL


850 TL

850 TL

It is only possible to pay by cash. Bank transfer or credit card payments are not possible. You need a TAX number for any kind of payment in Turkey. Our office will help you to get this number during the orientation.

Students pay the deposit, and get it back after the end of the semester. The dorm fees and deposits are paid upon arrival to Sabanci University. Students are allowed to check in the dormitories one week before the beginning of the semester. (This means not earlier than 2 days before the orientation. For example if the orientation is on 7th of Feb., exchange students can check in dormitories from 5th of Feb.) Important note: Studio rooms are only available for PhD students. The check out should take place two days after the exam period is over the latest. Please remember to notify the dormitory [] about your check out date one week before your departure. Only by doing this properly you will be able to receive your deposit on time. Deposits are returned to students two days before they leave. To receive the money please visit the AKBANK on campus. The payment will be done in cash directly to the resident of the dormitory.

NOTE: If you want to leave the dormitories before the semester ends, the repayment will be made according to the below mentioned principles:

*If you want to leave in the first 15 days after the official course start date, you can get 75% back

*If you want to leave in the first 30 days after the official course start date, you can get 50% back

Off Campus Accomodation:
If preferred, students may choose to live outside the university campus. In that case you have the responsibility to find your own accommodation. Below you can find some websites where temporary housing opportunities are advertised.

Please note, Sabancı University/International Relations Office has no affiliation with these landlords and take no responsibility in the event of disputes arising with any of them. There are purely suggested links which we hope will help you in your house-searching. (Turkish)



If you choose to find your own accommodation please, be aware of the distances and the student shuttle to campus fee. For information about our University’s location and transportation click here: