Another city within the city!


Being close to the center of a city like Istanbul with its social and cultural diversity is a significant advantage for Sabancı University students! However, none of our students need to venture outside the campus to meet their daily needs, socialize, and have fun. Our campus offers various social spaces catering to different needs, ranging from a performance center to a sports center, expansive green areas to a health center, a market to a cinema, and sports facilities to student clubs. With all these facilities, Sabancı University provides its students with an experience akin to another city within the city!

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Sabancı University, boasting the highest student dormitory capacity in Turkey based on the total number of students, provides its students with a warm and comfortable living environment on the Tuzla campus. The dormitory rooms come in six different options: single, studio, disabled, and 2, 3, and 4-person rooms, each equipped with a shower, toilet, wardrobe, telephone, and internet connection for each student.

Students have the flexibility to study either at their individual study desks in their rooms or in the internet-connected study rooms available on each floor. In addition to the study rooms, each floor also has a television room open for shared use among students. The dormitory buildings and rooms are designed to offer comfort and convenience to Sabancı University students.



Food and Beverage

At Sabancı University, we offer healthy, clean and high-quality food and beverages to all our students and employees.

We serve three meals a day in our main cafeteria at our university center, which has a capacity of 900 people. Our menu and meals contain plenty of options for different diets. We also offer set menus upon request. Our students and employees have the right to eat three meals in this cafeteria and benefit from discounted prices with their university ID cards. There are food and beverage vending machines available 24 hours a day in the faculty and dormitory buildings of our campus. In the dormitories area, there are three separate cafes where students can have a pleasant time and benefit from alternative food options. In addition, there are various service buildings on the campus that serve food and beverages from well-known brands in the industry. In short, if you are at Sabancı University, you will definitely find food and beverages that suit your taste.



Sabancı University Performance Center (SGM)

The Sabancı University Performing Arts Center (SGM), with a capacity of 912, serves as the foundational source for our art and cultural activities, reflecting the dynamism of our students and pursuing innovative endeavors. SGM not only caters to Sabancı University faculty and students but also extends its reach to the broader community surrounding the campus. By hosting internationally-renowned performers and ensembles, SGM ensures that audiences from various age groups and backgrounds engage in artistic events that they will appreciate, contributing to the maintenance of high artistic standards.

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Sports Center

The Sports Center at Sabancı University consistently encourages our students to be part of sports activities. Consequently, we have a Sports Center open every day of the week, facilitating the practice of all sports disciplines. The Sports Center has a main hall, used for basketball and volleyball games, with a capacity of 1200. Other facilities include three squash courts, exercise and cardio halls, fitness studios and table tennis areas, and a climbing wall used for mountain climbing exercises.

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Health Center

Located in the housing section on campus, the Health Center provides the services below:

Emergency Response Services: An emergency response team with a physician, an anesthetic technician and a driver is on call 24/7 to respond to emergencies.

Treatment Services: Policlinic is open 7 days a week from 08:45 to 18:00 and from 19:30 to 23:30.

There are three patient examination rooms. Patients may be kept under observation or referred to specialists as required.

For tests samples are sent to an independent laboratory by courier. Results are reviewed by the physician, who then starts a treatment or refers the patient to a specialist.

Private Health Insurance: All students (except incoming exchange students)receive free private health insurance. Students who must receive additional treatment outside the Health Center may be referred to external medical facilities through the insurance.

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Information Center (IC)

The IC with a capacity of 600 people, meets the information and document needs of students, faculty members, staff, and alumni. It provides high-speed internet, multifunctional study rooms, and technology that facilitates easy access to information.

It is open 24/7. Additionally, the CoSpace located in the information center is a Fablab designed for a creative and collaborative hands-on learning experience. It provides a creative environment for producing do-it-yourself projects and sharing ideas. Resources such as 3D printers, 3D scanners, virtual reality (VR), electronics, crafts, and hardware materials are available.

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Student Clubs

Our student clubs, with a democratic structure, offer a diversity that caters to various interests, allowing students to establish both local and international professional connections. Sabancı University's active social life is enriched by student clubs, which not only enhance individual talents and teamwork skills but also meet social and cultural needs. Currently, we have a total of 72 student clubs catering to different areas of interest.

Security Services

Security services on campus are provided by a 40-person team of security services working in three shifts. The services are supervised by the University Security Manager and Security Associate. 

Shuttle Services

Sabancı University aims to provide transportation requirements in safe and good conditions. The university's shuttle services are available from and to campus, connecting to city center locations, subway stations, and other public transportation hubs. These services operate frequently throughout the day. A ring bus circling campus at scheduled times is free of charge.

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